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Oilfield HUB Inc. - Corporate Team

Kevin Turko

As the CEO of Leadstone Kevin oversees the strategic direction of Oilfield HUB and its symbiotic marketing relationship with Oilfield PULSE.  He keeps us on course in what we set out to achieve and actively participates in the dynamic sales connection point between energy companies and service and supply firms, collectively our members.  Kevin is looking to keep us and Oilfield HUB at the forefront and welcomes your input.

Kevin can be reached at: (403) 537-6561


Karen Keith
Member Relations

As head of our Member Relations group for Oilfield HUB Inc. Karen is responsible for ensuring membership implementations are both easy and enjoyable, and yes, exciting for our new members!  She also provides ongoing, as we like to call it, 'circle back' marketing assistance and support to our members to ensure their Oilfield HUB Inc. experience is consistently productive and focused on driving more potential customers to their door.

Karen can be reached at: (403) 537-6675

Andrea Turko
Communications Director
Managing Editor - Oilfield PULSE

As the Communication Director for Oilfield HUB Inc. Andrea ensures the Oilfield HUB community is constantly kept abreast of both our online presence and energy sector involvement.  Through her role as Managing Editor of Oilfield PULSE she strives to raise the voice of our members and industry leaders, consistently representing our members' message through our online and print mediums, balancing this with the personal touch of showcasing the people side of the business.

Andrea can be reached at: (403) 537-6573


Kyle Fujita
Creative Director

As our Creative Director, Kyle creates a contemporary Oilfield PULSE magazine experience for our readers each and every issue.  He also puts his talents to work on our members' image, providing agency level design through high quality advertisement design and branding services that leave lasting impressions with your target market.  If your company requires additional sales and marketing collateral, a website refresh or other marketing services feel free to give him a call.

Kyle can be reached at: (403) 910-4176

Jeannie Yip
Finance and Administration

Responsible for Finance and Administration Jeannie is entrusted with the proverbial keys to our Oilfield HUB Inc. car and the financial well-being of Oilfield HUB.  She applies the same level of care and attention to all of our customer relationships, ensuring the interests of our members are safeguarded.  If at any time you have questions or issues with your membership status or payment arrangements, Jeannie is the right person to contact.

Jeannie can be reached at: (403) 444-3931






  • Great value proposition guys. My membership lets me highlight the one area of our business that isn’t as busy as I’d like it to be, plus as a business owner, I can use Oilfield Hub to better manage my current suppliers and find much needed new ones. Keep going!
    Chester Nagy, President,
    Plains Fabrication and Supply
  • Oilfield Hub addresses the missing link between suppliers and energy companies. Busy operations managers don’t have time to waste tracking down vendors or flipping through the yellow pages.
    Mickey Sutherland, President,
    Pajak Engineering