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Oilfield HUB is a Fusion of Great Cost Efficiency Ideas


The Origins of Oilfield HUB - Concept to Design

In 2008, a few operations and wellsite supervisors conceived the idea and began the development of the product we know today as Oilfield HUB. Their initial concept ……. fix some of the dysfunctional aspects field operations in the oil and gas industry related to vendor and supply chain management covering the lifecycle of a well.

In late 2011 the Oilfield HUB product was ready for beta testing. The result? An operations focused project and vendor list management system powering procurement tools to better manage souring inquiries, bid requests and the acceptance of approved orders for services supplies and rentals. The HUB was designed to enhance communications with field personnel as well as between contracted vendors, with a major emphasis on improving operational productivity and lowering projects costs.


Oilfield HUB - Product Launch

Oilfield HUB was formally launched in 2012 at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary. Our vision simply stated; bring more energy services companies on board into the Oilfield HUB online business community in order to generate more interest and purchasing power from producers. Our mission from inception; connect as many buyers, our producer and EPC clients, with their lists of preferred vendors and other interested sellers, our energy services clients, though the online services available in Oilfield HUB.

Since the HUB's launch in 2012, it has evolved into a 'single source solution' of products focused on the operations and cost management lifecycle of a well. Our latest addition? In mid-2015, a daily field reporting module was integrated into Oilfield HUB for our clients to create a centralized data repository for much needed well site operations information and daily cost control reporting. 


Oilfield HUB - We're Not Stopping There!

Stay tuned for new field costs validation tools, expanded vendor relationship management capabilities, online document management services and secure file sharing in the not too distant future.


The Origins of Oilfield PULSE

Our monthly digital Oilfield PULSE magazine was also introduced in 2012. It is the voice of the Oilfield HUB online business community. It provides our clients with a platform to tell their stories, market their businesses and promote their products and services. The Oilfield PULSE magazine was created to extend the reach of our Oilfield HUB services, as well as the sales and marketing efforts of our customers into the oil & gas industry. 


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  • Great value proposition guys. My membership lets me highlight the one area of our business that isn’t as busy as I’d like it to be, plus as a business owner, I can use Oilfield Hub to better manage my current suppliers and find much needed new ones. Keep going!
    Chester Nagy, President,
    Plains Fabrication and Supply
  • Oilfield Hub addresses the missing link between suppliers and energy companies. Busy operations managers don’t have time to waste tracking down vendors or flipping through the yellow pages.
    Mickey Sutherland, President,
    Pajak Engineering